Your Vision is Our Mission

Track & Trace

FPS are developing one of the most innovative cargo tracking programs which allows clients all over the world to log on and find out the states of there shipment. This unique tracking program incorporates the latest technology and will benefit clients and the end users.

We also understand the importance of making this tracking system user friendly and also confidential to the specific client. All you will need is your own password, which allows, you the client to log into our system at any given time.

We are also constantly improving this program by incorporating specific clients needs which intern benefits all clients. You will no longer be left wondering were your cargo is and when it will arrive.

Communication and Technology:-
The Group has realized that accuracy and timeliness of information, in particular meeting strict deadlines, are key factors for clients to stay competitive.

We are determined to provide shipment information in the process of transports through various communications that link FPS members to clients and also to their global networks, i.e. Email via Internet, EDI Fax, Cargo Track ect.

An increasing number of members are able to provide tracking system that monitors clients status reports and currently offer computerized based booking services.